Q.  What is a MINOR BLEM?
A.  Carlini is known for having the best quality in chrome and powder coat finished production bars. Our strict quality control has deemed some bars as "seconds" for slightly imperfect chrome or powder coat.  All blemished items are a final sale.  Please ensure you select the correct style, size and color before you submit your order.
A blem means: 
  • surface scratches
  • minor pitting in powdercoat or chrome
  • potentially a small nick 

Ideal for bikers who would like to:

  • Paint or powder coat their handlebars
  • Ride their bikes hard and aren't concerned with minor imperfections
  • Get a discounted price!

**Individual pictures of blemished product are NOT available**

Q.  What is "Throttle By Wire"?
A.  Throttle By Wire means that the bike has an ELECTRONIC throttle. Most 2008+ baggers (road king, road glide, street/ultra glide), some CVO (screamin eagle), and newer model softails have an electronic throttle. If your bike DOES have electronic throttle you must get a Throttle By Wire equipped handlebar in order for it to work. If you are unsure if your bike has an electronic throttle please contact your dealer to confirm before ordering. Throttle By Wire bars will work on a bike with a cable throttle, however a NON Throttle By Wire bar will not work with any bike that has an electronic throttle.

Q.  What does Step and Non-Step mean?

A.  When we say stepped we are talking about the area at the base of the handlebar where the riser attaches. When a bar is stepped it means that the 1.25" diameter tubing is reduced to 1" diameter at the mounting surface (area where the risers clamp to the bar). Non step means that the bar is 1.25" diameter all the way through the mounting surface and requires a riser clamp that accepts 1.25" diameter tubing to mount it. 1.50" bars are never stepped down at the mounting surface. 

**There is no significant strength difference between the stepped and non stepped bars the way we make them.**
Q.  Will a 1.50" bar work with my stock Harley?
A.  All 1.50" bars will require a larger 1.50" riser clamp (unless one is directly welded to the bar) in order to mount on a stock harley front end. Our bars will still work with the factory 1" dia grips and hand controls.
Q.  What diameter are the grip sections of your handlebars?
A.  Carlini handlebars all have 1" diameter grip sections.
Q. Will this bar fit OEM heated grips?
A.  We are currently in the phase of transitioning each bar to be available for heated grips.  Please contact us with a part # or sku at  We will double check the fitment.
Q.  Are your bars drilled for internal wiring?
A.  Yes all Carlini handlebars are drilled for internal wiring
Q.  Do your bars work with Hydraulic Clutch?
A.  All 1.25" diameter handlebars will work with a factory hydraulic clutch with no issues. The 1.50" diameter bars WILL NOT WORK UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTED DUAL FLAT SPOT, please check the title and description. The standard 1.50" diameter bar does not have relief for the hydraulic clutch fluid reservoir. A dual flat spot bar has a depression made on both sides of the bar, allowing the fluid reservoirs to clear with no issues. 
Q.  How do you measure the height of your bars? 

A.  Carlini Design Ape hanger bars are measured from the top of the horizontal bar at the base (the part of the bar where the riser clamp to mount the bar to the bike attaches, the top of this tubing) straight up. When comparing to some competitors that include the thickness of the tubing at the base in the rise height our bars may seem to run 1.25-1.50 taller than others.

All drag bars are measured from where the riser post touches the top triple tree to the BOTTOM of the cross bar where it is welded for the rise height. The
 pullback or depth is measured by positioning the bar at stock rake (like it is sitting on the triple tree) and measuring the depth from the middle of the riser at the base  straight back to the end of the grip section.

Q.  Are Carlini handlebars equipped for throttle by wire (electronic throttle)?
A.  Specific models of Carlini Handlebars are equipped to accept harley davidson electronic throttles. Please pay close attention to the title and description of the bar, it will state whether the bar is Throttle By Wire equipped.  
Q.  What will I need to fit my 2015+ Road Glide?
A.  The 2015+ Road Glide is a new and unique fitment for Harley davidson. This bike requires both a bar AND riser clamp in order to properly install. You may use any of our 1.25" Stepped and Throttle By Wire regular ape hangers WITH our 2015+ Road Glide Riser 1.00" (SKU: HHR-6). The bars with this riser clamp will mount right up to the bike with longer cables and electrical as needed. Please keep in mind, we do NOT currently make a version of any 1.50" bars that will fit due to the hydraulic clutch and inner fairing interference, ONLY 1.25"  STEPPED bars with a HHR-6 are a direct fit at this time. 
Q. I have not received my tracking number...
A. PLEASE DO NOT CALL LOOKING FOR A TRACKING NUMBER. We have many customers we are trying to help and sales associates are not equiped to search existing orders, the fastest way for you to get an update on an exisiting order is to send us an email via . It may take some time for us to dig in to exactly where your order is, please be patient.
Q.  Is the website up to date on what is in stock? 
A.  Yes, we do our best to keep the website as up to date as possible with all the items on backorder and in stock. Occasionally an item sells so quickly we are not able to mark backorder before more orders are placed, if this happens we will be sure to notify you.